Tips For Driving On A Spare Tyre

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Learning how to change a flat tyre is one of the most valuable lessons for any car driver. But knowing how to drive on a spare tyre is equally as important.

A flat tyre is something that will happen just most drivers at some point or another, and unlike this motorist in Yorkshire, for your own safety and that of other road users, it will need changing immediately, before you can drive your car to a garage to get a proper replacement.

Follow these tips and tricks for driving on a spare tyre so you can drive safely.


Slow Down

Your spare tyre is smaller than the rest of your tyres, which means to have to drive with this in mind. Do not drive too fast, slow down and stick to the slow lane where possible.


Don’t Go Too Far

As well as limiting your speed, you should limit the distance you drive also. Driving on a spare will put extra stress on the rest of your car, such as the differential, which is essential for allowing your wheels to turn at different speeds.


Know How It Affects Other Systems

While driving with a spare tyre, your vehicle will detect a difference and will likely turn on your ABS brake lights. This happens because your compact spare may rotate faster than the other tries to keep up, and the sensors detect a problem. Instead of worrying about what else is going wrong with your car, know that it may just be a result of the spare tyre.


Replace Your Tyre ASAP

While spare tyres are extremely important to vehicle and driver safety, they are not a permanent solution. The best practice for using a spare tyre is to replace it as soon as possible.

Changing a spare tyre can be a hassle, but so is driving on one. If you need garage services in East London, visit us today.

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