Telltale Signs You Need To Repair Your Brakes

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Your braking system is the most important in your car. If you do not feel confident in the primary measure to slow you down then your car is not safe.

They need to be regularly maintained and checked to make sure they are working as intended. Despite this, over a sixth (16.8 per cent) of MOT defects record by the DVLA were as a result of brakes, with only lights and electrics leading to more MOT failures.

Unlike lighting issues, which while more numerous are often easily rectified at your next car service in Barking or Dagenham, brake issues often need to be rectified as soon as they are found to avoid compromising your safety.

Here are the signs to look out for that suggest your brakes need repairing or replacing.


Slower To Slow Down

Brakes should bite and slow you down quickly, especially if you slam the brakes hard. If they struggle to slow you down as well as they used to, it can be a sign of several worn components on your brakes.

The brake pads and discs do wear out, and when they do they do not grip as well, taking longer to slow you down. As well as this, there could be issues with the brake fluid or hydraulic system.


Grinding And Other Odd Sounds

Grinding sounds in cars are rarely a positive sign, and in the case of braking, it can mean the pads and discs need replacing.

On a similar note, squealing noises can sometimes be a sign of rust build up on the discs, but the rust will typically wear off when you use the brakes again.



Vibrations on the steering wheel when you brake is a warning that the discs are warped and need replacing sooner rather than later.

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