How To Take Care Of Your Alloy Wheels

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Alloy wheels will always be a popular choice for drivers, as they’re made from aluminium and, as such, are stronger and can improve the braking and acceleration of your car, as well as improving the appearance of the vehicle itself.

But it’s important that you know how best to go about looking after them so they stand the test of time, so make sure you prioritise regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking top-notch and serving your car well.

Luckily, it isn’t hard to keep them in good condition – all you’ll need to do is once a month or so, give them a good clean with some soapy water, using soft non-abrasive rags to wipe them down with.

Once you’ve scrubbed them down and they’re looking good as new, let them dry and then go over them with either polish or wax, always checking to see what finish has been used so you know you’re using the right product.

If, for example, your wheels are coated or painted, you’ll need some automotive wax to protect the finish properly.

Of course, wear and tear is inevitable as you drive around and about, so your alloys may well start to show signs of this after a time.

Any slight damage can be fixed by sanding and repainting, but if you’ve never done this before it can be difficult to get right, so get in touch with Boost Technik if you need any help with alloy refurb in Barking. We offer a full range of services for all types of vehicles, covering all makes and models.

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