6 tips to prepare for the cold weather

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The cold winter months can take a toll on cars and make driving conditions difficult and also catch you by surprise.

With weather forecasters predicting a particularly cold and icy start to 2021, we have some tips to help plan your car is ready for the winter weather with some essential maintenance.


  1. Check your oil levels

The RAC claims one-in-three cars attended by its patrols are dangerously low on oil, so be sure to check that your oil levels are between the minimum and maximum levels on the dipstick. Make sure your car is warmed up before you check, as a cold car will look low on oil.


  1. Keep your lights clean

Cars get extremely dirty in winter months, not least because of all the salt on the roads. So it’s particularly important to keep your lights clean – you can just wipe them over with a cloth if your car doesn’t have headlamp washers.


  1. Test your battery

Change your car’s battery every three years if possible, or sooner if it’s causing you problems in the cold weather.


  1. Assess your tyres

Tyres need a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm by law, but in winter it is recommended you change tyres at 3mm to maintain safe stopping distances. Don’t forget to check you have a roadworthy spare tyre too.


  1. Check wiper blades and top up on windscreen wash

Check your wipers are in good condition, with no tears or holes, and can clean your windscreen properly. You can wipe them with a clean cloth now and then. Don’t pull wiper blades off frozen glass or turn them on if the screen is iced over, as the rubber may tear.



  1. Carry the right gear

Ensure you have the items below in your car, just in case:

  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Warning triangle
  • Warm clothing and a blanket, rug or sleeping bag
  • Practical footwear like wellies
  • Torch and batteries
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Shovel (in snowy conditions)


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