• Diagnostics


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From time to time your vehicle will show up warning lights such as check engine (EML light) on your dashboard indicating that there is a fault. In order to diagnose and carry out the nessaciry repairs your car will need to be plugged in with diagnostic software that is capable of reading your vehicle.

We at Boost Technik have invested in the latest machines and software so you know your car is in good hands and can be confident that we diagnose the faults with your vehicle in a professional manner and will get you back on the road in no time with our extensive knowledge and background.

This is how we diagnose faults on your vehicle;

  • Plugging in the diagnostic machine in to your vehicles OBD port
  • Running a full scan of your vehicle and getting a health report
  • Investigating the fault codes
  • Inform you of what steps need to be taken in order to rectify the issue
  • Once you are happy with the diagnosis we will get your authorisation before carrying out any repairs and inform you of the costs with a breakdown of parts and labour as you should be in the know beforehand not once the job is complete.